Project Nion

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Hi, my name is Daniel Widmann or better known as Nion. I am an IT Student from germany. I am interested in digital art and I made this website to share my work with the world.

My intention with this website is to have a place, where I can store everything I make - not only pictures like on deviantArt or only videos like on YouTube. Furthermore I can keep you up to date with news, start polls or upload files. So I would be really happy if you come back to this site once in a while.

Of course my YouTube and deviantArt accounts will be continued, but it is possible, that some materials will be published on this site at first.

If you found that site by a fluke and you don't know who I am, you could watch my demoreel from 2009. It was made about 10 months after my first experiences with Blender. You will realise that my animations are focused on special effects. That's because I rather like to have logical challenges (how can I achieve effect xy?), than just time consuming ones (e.g. character animation).

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