Project Nion

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How to make materials with dispersion, which cast caustics, using the internal render engine of Blender 2.5.


My first Tutorial using a Blender 2.5 build. This is a very tricky technique. It is used to generate a mask between two clipping objects. Later on I talk about how you can use that mask to create some nice glowing effects.


I wanted to do something different (besides the tutorials) and so I decided to show you some of my experiments and how they work. I hope that gives you some inspiration. If you want to be able to understand every single bit, a very good knowledge of Blender is absolutely necessary. This kind of video provides a huge amount of information in a very short period of time.


A Tutorial on how to make a portal effect with Blender.


This tutorial describes a zoom technique called vertigo zoom. With this technique a focused object seems to keep it's original size, but you see more and more (or less and less) of the background. I know I called it cinematic zoom in the video, but just because I haven't known better. It is a very simple and short tutorial and the technique can be easily used in other programs than Blender, too.

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